In our Garden Center you can find products such as:

     1. Plant protection products such as pesticides (Organic or conventional)
     2. Fertilizers (Organic or Chemicals, various kinds and types)
3.Bulbs and  seeds of flowers, vegetables and various types of lawn seeds
4.Ornamental Interior and outdoor plants such as: Seasonal, Perennial, herbs, Shrubs, Trees, Climbing, grasses, formatted Shrubs, Conifers, herbs
5.Fruit trees, Citrus, Fruit of the forest
6.Vegetable Seedlings
7.Palms and tropical
8.Plant soil (Organic and conventional), peat, substrates, humus, zeolite
9. Irrigation materials and automatic watering system
10.Garden tools & equipments
11. Ecological impregnated garden timber
12. Ceramic and plastic pots
13. Prefabricated lawn request

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