The combination of science, technology,experience, art, in complete harmony, balance and logic based on modern designs and proposals, always with respect for the environment, leading to successful results.
   Our goal, our vision, is to create landscape based on those principles giving sustainable , attractive and uniqueness effects.
  We provide our clients landscape architectural services in design and implementation as well, while we can work as primary consultants and supervisors according to your needs.
      After 20 years of experience, we currently operate in the following work sectors:

-    Land use & Site analysis
-    Masterplan
-    Landscape design  details & guidelines
-    Planting plan
-    Irrigation plan
-    Hardscape elements(water features, hardscape materials, lighting proposals, paths, green walls, green roofs )
-    Construction details
-    Implementation according to design proposals

-    Plants health
-    Hardscape’s materials care & service
-    Continuous improvement of aesthetics based on our scientific approach.

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